Let’s talk about UX baby, let’s talk about you and me

Let’s talk about UX baby, let’s talk about you and me

Yeah that’s right, User Experience (UX) is all about you and me — you (the user) telling me (the designer/researcher) your thoughts. Back in April I wrote a longer post about what UX is, check it out here! Today, I want to quickly explore why UX is so important and why you should be thinking about it, every step of the way. Whether you’re creating a blog, or a business, or a physical product, UX it!

So what does it mean to “UX” something?

To me, to UX something means to make it accessible and user-friendly. And I think all UX designers would agree with that. I consider myself to be more on the research side of things, therefore, I’m a UX researcher. As researchers, we want to know “why.” Why does the user think the way the do? Why don’t they like something? Why do they like something, and how can we take that information to make our product better?

Now even though I consider myself to be one part of UX, many people are known to be a “UX team of one” and that’s okay! In fact, many entrepreneurs are that, and many people who work at a start-up or a small company are a team of one. But that’s because UX is so important, it has to be done, no matter how big your team, or your company is. To UX something, is to care about the user and that’s what should matter to anyone in business.

You might think, isn’t that kind of obvious?

Well no, many large corporations who are stuck in their ways find UX to be unnecessary, but the companies who are looking to the future and who are innovative see the benefits of UX. Be that company. Be that innovative spirit, care about your product and know that it won’t be the best it can be until your users can understand it.

Have questions about UX? Message me, leave me a comment and lets chat!

Also, if you didn’t get the song reference in the title, here’s a link.


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